Copper Solid Cord Braided 4 Fingers Self Defence Army Type Knuckles

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Product: Knuckle Duster, Brass Knuckles, Knucks, Punch

Type: Tactical, Solid, Army, Thick

Material: Cast iron, Powder Coated, Nylon Rope Braided

Colour: Aged Copper, Dotted texture, black nylon rope


Net Weight: 190 grams

Length: 12.5 cm

Height: 8 cm

Thickness: 8 mm ( metal part )

Thickness: 12 mm ( Braided Handle Part )

Finger Size: 26mm ( XL for Indian Sized Hands )

Front end (hitting side) is slightly tapered for effective hit.

Cord can be removed to make it more slim for easy carry.

More Cord or thick cord can be added for comfortable grip as the holes for cord has more room.

Has a natural fist / punch shape, The index / fore finger hole is slightly further than the pinky finger part.

Finger holes are large enough to accommodate any plus size of fingers as well as the part between the fingers and palm is well balanced for medium or small hands too.

Has an classic aged copper finish with dotted texture.


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