ASG Zastava CZ 99 Automatic Electric Pistol Airsoft Sports Gun

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History :

The CZ 99 is a full-sized, semi-automatic service pistol produced by Zastava Arms. It was developed in 1989 to replace the Zastava M57 in the Yugoslavian Military and Police. Design of the CZ 99 was based on SIG Sauer P226 while the frame design was influenced by Walther P88. The CZ 99 is chambered in 9 x 9mm Parabellum and .40 S&W

Presentation : 

Made by Cyma for ASG officially licensed Zastava, the CZ99 rechargeable AEP is an electric replica Ball gun / Airsoft gun that will delight all categories of players, the beginner in search of his first replica, the confirmed wishing to acquire a good backup. In order to make airsoft accessible to all and to facilitate initiation, ASG has developed this replica in an easy-to-use electric version, designed in Steel and ABS (a highly shock-resistant and aging-resistant thermoplastic) and equipped with a metal cylinder head.

  • The airsoft pistol Zastava CZ 99 AEP, is an copy of the famous Sig Sauer P226 which is provided with two shooting modes like full-automatic and semi-automatic.
  • Both the frame and the slide bear realistic Zastava Arms markings.
  • The CZ99 is built over the P226 platform and is compatible with holster and other p226 equipment.
  • It has a standard lower weaver / picatinny rail for accessories. All the major levers and buttons (like the magazine release , the safety switch and the slide button) are functional.
  • On the safety side, to prevent a ball from being inadvertently pulled, ASG has equipped the CZ99 with a manual safety device located on the left side of the bolt, to be actuated before pressing the trigger tail.

Safety Switch. 

The most perfectionist players will appreciate the presence of the official engraved and unpainted CZ markings so as not to deteriorate over time:

  • On the left side of the bolt: Zastava CZ99
  • On the right side of the bolt: Zastava CZ99 / ASG cal. 6mm BB / Serial number.

What are the metal elements ?                                      

♦ The breech (slide)
♦ Sights
♦ Magazine
♦ The shooting selector
♦ Security button
♦ The tail of relaxation
♦ The dog
♦ The charger
♦ Barrel
♦ Chamber

What are the elements in ABS ?

♦ Stock – the lower part of gun which is held in hand.
♦ Charger
♦ Speed Loader

Pack details :

The replica of airsoft CZ 99 Zastava electric is offered in its pack containing:
1 x Replica CZ 99 Zastava AEP
1 x 29 2 row ball magazine
1 x Battery NiMH 500mAh 7.2V
1 x AC charger
1 x charger adapter
1 x Spead loader (small accessory allowing to quickly and easily load your magazines)
1 x Unclogging rod
100 x ASG Goldfire BBs 0,20g white

Package Weight : 1500 Grams

Shooting modes :

That’s the big highlight of this airsoft! Cyma has provided his CM 122 full auto function that allows him to shoot in a burst … You are in the middle of a fierce battle, war rages, “do not worry”, the two shooting modes (semi & full auto) CZ 99 electric will allow you to get out of any situation.

  • Semi Auto : otherwise called, step by step. This shooting mode is ideal for marksmanship.
  • Full Auto : Shoots continuously while the trigger is held. Shoots 30 BBs in 2-3 seconds.

Organs and help with sighting :

To ensure optimal accuracy, the CZ99 ball gun is equipped with two sights: the handlebar on the front of the replica and the rear elevation, which allow you to properly lock your target for a shot specific.
For maximum precision, ASG has equipped its CZ 99 with the adjustable Hop up system.

What is the hop up?

Located at the entrance of the barrel, the Hop up is a small internal part composed of a membrane which will come to exert a pressure on the ball before it enters, to give it the effect to increase significantly the range of firing, as well as the accuracy of the replica. A ball taken with the hop up system will go 2x more than a ball drawn with a replica of a similar power not equipped with this system.


Why adjustable? If your main search criteria are precision and range, we can advise you to always opt for an adjustable hop up, because with a small wheel, you will be able to adjust the shooting accuracy of your shotgun.

Accessorizing : 

Do you want to accessorize your CZ 99 replica ? No problem, it is equipped with a 4 cm picatinny rail / accessory rail located under the barrel. Ideal to add a laser sight or a tactical flash light.

Technical characteristics :

♦ Type : Airsoft pistol / Airgun
♦ Power source : Electric / Rechargeable
♦ Brand : ASG (ActionSportGames)
♦ Ref : 16492
♦ Maker : Cyma
♦ Manufacturer: ASG (Denmark)
♦ Gearbox : Enhanced
♦ Materials : Metal & ABS
♦ Stock : Ergonomic Grip
♦ Weight : 950 grams  (Pistol only)
♦ Barrel length: 120 mm / 12 cm
♦ Color : Black
♦ caliber : 6 mm
♦ Length : 22 cm
♦ Height : 14 cm
♦ Width : 4 cm

Power and function of the replica :

♦ Ball speed in 0.20gr 94 m/s – 310 FPS
♦ Ball speed in 0.12gr 86 m/s – 280 FPS
♦ Velocity : 300 FPS
♦ Range : 50 meters
♦ Hop up system : Yes (Adjustable)
♦ Shooting mode : Semi & Full Automatic
♦ security : Yes (Manual)

Magazine Information :

♦ capacity : 29 Balls
♦ Version : AEP
♦ Material : Metal
♦ weight : 100g

Battery Information :

♦ Drums : included
♦ Charger : Included
♦ Battery Type : NiMH 
♦ MAh capacity : 500mAh
♦ Voltage : 7.2V

Accessory Rail : 

♦ Picatinny Rail Mount : Yes
♦ Rail length : 4.5 cm
♦ Rail Spec : 22 mm RIS
♦ Number of rails : 1
♦ Rail slot : Under the barrel

Open slide to insert & remove battery.


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